Ready for the first shows of 2016

15.1.2016 Rattenloch-Herdorf (DE) 16.1.2016 Soziokulturelles Zentrum Alte Brauerei e.V.. Annaberg (DE) 21.1.2016 Cowboy und Indianer, Hamburg (DE) 22.1.2016 Cowboy und Indianer, Hamburg (DE) 23.1.2016 Rockkneipe ‘Jungfer’ Arnstadt (DE) 29.1.2016 Scum Katwijk (NL)

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First instore gig

We normally don’t do unplugged sets and instore gigs, but for everything is a first time! so on September 12th, we’ll do our first and only instore gig at Outlaw Rockmerchandise, Enschede (NL)

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sum sum summertime! But we are working hard on the new gigs!  Maybe recording an EP, make some new T-shirts… summer is goood……

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We are social