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  • REUNION TOUR NEWS 2019!!! - 25 februari 2019

    Heya all!! We’ve got some great news for ya’ll!! Briefly returning from the grave, or maybe returning from the grave will be a thing.. we’re not sure yet! But for now we are proud to present our “Come back for a weekend”tour! We’ll be joining Fiddler’s Green (DE) with their[…]

  • Einde Bud Spencer Rock Explosion - 1 november 2017

    (English below) Vandaag is de dag gekomen waar elke band tegenop ziet. De dag dat je de wereld gaat aankondigen dat de band ermee gaat stoppen. We zijn deze band in september 2013 begonnen en 17 Oktober 2013 hadden we ons eerste optreden in Podium Café de Graauwe Hengst. Sinds[…]

  • - 14 augustus 2017

    **IMPORTANT** Although we are still enjoying the vacation, the september shows are getting closer and closer! Our beloved Deborah can’t make it for the shows that weekend, but we are happy to introduce our drummer for that specific weekend. You might know him as Dave the Nutt, from his “The[…]

  • Exclusive patch available! - 19 juli 2017

    Limited edition patch available. Only 25 made!! Price is €5 + shipping (NL=€0.78, world = €1.50) Just send a message to merch@bsre.nl to get yours!

  • Barrel Challenge 2018! - 8 juni 2017

    Whoooohy. This will be an adventure!! Bud Spencer Rock Explosion will be part of the legendary Barrel Challenge! a crazy 6 day car race through Europe! We’ll hit Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and end up in Austria again! That’s where our first 2018 tour will start as well! Good times[…]

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