Review Tivoli show

~Metal Rage Tivoli, Utrecht review~

“Many people know folkbands like Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, and many others, but Fiddler’s Green is quite well-known in Europe as well.
Therefore, it surprised me that this band would play in the smallest venue of Tivoli: De Helling. The band brought Dutch band Bud Spencer Rock Explosion along to warm up the crowd.
When the lights went out and the music stopped, everybody became very excited for the first band to begin. After a short awkward silence on stage the band appeared and started playing, which was after somebody had already screamed “duurt lang”, a typical Dutch saying which means that things are taking way too long.
When the band began the crowd became silent within a few seconds, because the first impression of this band was rather good! They sounded like a teenage surf/skate band with quite some experience and a very big influence by Weird Al Yankovic, although they didn’t look like a skate/surf band at all.
This meant that the music was good to listen to, but that it also had quite some humorous influences. Although the band didn’t hit every note spot on, they played quite some interesting songs. While playing a waltz there was some movement in the crowd for the first time, as people swayed along to the music.
Especially during this song the influence of Weird Al Yankovic was more obvious than before, because of the combination of the music and the humorous lyrics.One of their best songs was followed by the question “do you want a serious song about the problems in the world, or do you want a song about mobile homes?”.
Of course everyone voted for the last option, the band kept on playing the song for a very long time, and everybody had a huge laugh. It was an awesome opening act and the crowd became even more excited for the headliner of the evening. The two best parts of this band were a question and a statement.
The question was: “Did anybody bring their kazoo along?”. Of course, nobody did, and the band said “It’s a pity nobody brought it along, but we did!”.
The statement was: “We’ve got some t-shirts and CD’s for sale, but the CD’s are sold out… Basically because we never made them.”

Metal Rage